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What is the Transport Hartford Academy?

The Transport Hartford Academy deepens resident engagement and is supporting a growing group of active and informed residents who will shape future transportation developments.

Transport Hartford educates residents in the region that are passionate about biking, walking, transit, and multi-modal transportation as part of a sustainable and socially just region.  For Hartford to succeed and grow it has to move beyond single occupancy vehicle travel both culturally and with well designed infrastructure. The Transport Hartford Action Teams and empowered citizens improve the region’s economic vitality, quality of life, and environmental sustainability.

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Our movement is powered by people.  That’s you.  There is a vibrant and active Transport Hartford Facebook  discussion group that gains in strength with each new member.  

The Transport Hartford Action Teams – Email to Join a Team

Road to Zero

In 2018 we were awarded a Road to Zero Grant (July 2018 – June 2019).  Transport Hartford worked with Blue Hills Civic Association, the Police Activities League, and the Hartford Police Explorers to reduce crashes with injuries and fatalities in Hartford.  The program was a combination of teen internships, community outreach, and crosswalk traffic calming.  More info here.

Walk (and Bike + Transit) Audits

“Walk audits are a great tool to gather information about street conditions, engage community members, and inform planning and traffic safety projects. Through walk audits, you can help improve walking, health, and quality of life in your community! In a walk audit, community members go for a walk together, noting what makes their streets feel comfortable for walking and what is missing. Walk audits can be informal and casual events with just a few friends, or can include city council members, traffic engineers, and detailed forms.”from the National Safe Routes to School Partnership

Walk Audit Resources:

Walk Audit Reports, Hartford Metro Region

Policy, Funding, and Legislative Priorities

Many of the goals of the action teams require something beyond local workshops and community meetings.  Here is the list of 2020 policy, funding, and legislative priorities that Transport Hartford identified along with help from action teams, residents, and other partners working on biking, walking, transit, and multimodal issues.

2021 Transportation and Climate Initiative – Enabling Legislation

2021 – Proposed Speed Camera Pilot

2020 Legislative Priorities (expanding U-Pass bill, safety bill, & related article)

2019 Legislative Priorities

2019 Legislative Survey Results

2019, Two Bills Stalled in CT Senate

If you have feedback or questions, send an email to Transport Hartford.

Transport Hartford Articles

The Transport Hartford team’s recent research and related writing on sustainable transportation in Connecticut and beyond.


Transportation Climate Initiative

The cap-and-invest Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) is a multi-state collaboration to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, the state’s largest contributing sector.  Participating states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are expected to propose TCI legislation in 2021, with the program going into effect in 2023.


Current and Upcoming Events:

Past Meetings and Resources:

To join the Connecticut TCI Coalition or get a coalition meeting invitation email Tony Cherolis