Glorimar Hickman

Glorimar HickmanI am proud to share my life story Connecticut’s Puerto Rican Forum has given me.

That’s because 21 years ago, life was very difficult for me.

I was a teenage parent
I relied upon welfare to support my child which meant limited income and an unstable home
I was afraid for myself and my child and
Life just seemed hopeless.

I learned about Connecticut’s Puerto Rican Forum from an incredible mentor of mines, Lisa Candels from Family Life Education.

I enrolled in a six month program held 5 days a week to develop business knowledge and skills for the workplace. Our studies consisted of literacy training, communications, typing, word processing, business writing, and analysis. We also learned about resume writing, interviewing, and dressing for the workplace to help us find jobs. The staff helped us obtain our General Education Degrees to become more marketable and connected us with businesses and organizations for graduates like me to interview for entry level positions.

My degree, studies and new-found confidence gave me a jump start to a new life. Aetna hired me as an Entry Level Clerk, providing me with a salary and benefits. Within the first year I was promoted to manage a reception area of 4 people. The company acknowledged my expertise and promoted me many more times, providing increased compensation and opportunities for professional growth.

I later enrolled in college, while working full time, and acquired my Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources from the University of Hartford. Today, I work for a consulting firm providing Telecom Expense Management, Voice & Data Network Engineering, IP Telephony designs, Call Center designs and Project Management.

In addition to my professional and academic achievements, I have an inspiring outlook on life and what I can accomplish for myself and my family.

My accomplishments and outlook have been made possible with the help of the CT Puerto Rican Forum, and the people like you who support this great organization.

Students like me work very hard to complete their studies and graduate. The executive director, teachers and staff along with the board members of the Forum are an inspiring team committed to helping all of us. Our families, our community and our local economy benefit greatly from their efforts.

After 31 years of service, the CT Puerto Rican Forum is needed more than ever to Empower Tomorrow’s Professionals