First meeting on Thursday, February 20th 2018 from 5:30-7:30 PM at 95 Park Street, 2nd floor. This program is for Hartford area teens between the ages of 13 and 19. This first meeting will be a kickoff and informational session. Parents are invited. This program is more hands-on bicycle based learning. At the end of the class you get to keep the bicycle you tuned up yourself, along with bike lights and a bike lock. Pre-Registration is required. And the class fills up.  Don’t wait!


At the BiCi Co. Earn-a-Bike Program you will:

  • Fix a bike for our community and then fix a bike for yourself.
  • Learn about bike repair from expert mechanics. Hands on!
  • Learn the rules of the road and advanced bike handling skills.
  • Get a bicycle helmet, a bike lock, and lights.
    • Bicycle lights (front and rear) – Quality, weather resistant bicycle lights will be provided.
    • Bicycle helmet – Proper helmet fit and importance of use will be part of the curriculum.
    • Bicycle lock – The rider needs a secure bicycle lock and knowledge on how to use it properly.
    • Retro-reflective stickers – To augment low light and nighttime visibility.
    • A Bicycle – Each student that completes the course will obtain a general purpose bicycle. The bicycle will be tuned up, ready to ride, and sized to fit the student.

The courses turn youth into safe and responsible bicycle riders.

Safety and security products will be provided to the students. These products are beyond the budget of a Hartford youth, but shouldn’t be left out when considering safe and responsible cycling.

As stated by Albert Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” This class will explore that physics topic and cover other bicycle topics in science and engineering. What was previously a “toy” to the students will be opened up and transformed into a “tool” and scientific marvel. The students will explore related STEM education paths and careers. In addition to directly growing their scientific knowledge, the course will engender lifelong learning skills as an out-of-school program applied to personally significant subject matter.