2021 Multimodal and Transit Summit

Moving Forward: Greener, Safer, and Together

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The Transport Hartford Academy is organizing the fourth annual 2021 Northeast Multimodal and Transit Summit in collaboration with our many partners across Connecticut and the Northeast regions. Transportation necessitates cooperation from all of us whether we are users, officials or public transit operators.  The Summit will bring together transportation professionals, community representatives , academics, and officials with the goal of helping decision-makers plan a future that meets the needs of our society. We urgently need to transition to sustainable modes of transportation and those modes of transportation must be safe for all users. 

The summit will be held online on November 22nd, from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm EST and all in-person events will be announced one month ahead of the summit. We need your support to send a clear message that multimodal transportation and transit are critical for creating jobs across an economically vibrant, connected, and sustainable region. As we are on the road to recovery from the pandemic, we want to Move Forward – Greener, Safer, and Together. Together we will design what the future of North-East transportation should be.

We are in a moment when the issue of transportation is taking the national stage with the White House American Jobs Act. Investments to help us move on from the pandemic should not repeat past mistakes, such as highways dividing communities. Those very communities must be included in the decision-making process.

Sponsorship opportunities are available and can be paid online or invoiced. If you have any questions or ideas for the Summit, please reach out.

Contact for more information: Thomas Regan-Lefebvre, Transport Hartford Coordinator at the Center for Latino Progress, thomas_lefebvre@ctprf.org, (508)-863-9495

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